Gravy is a biscuit's BFF, especially when it's the crazy flavorful versions that go beyond the traditional sausage-laden sauce. Try serving one of these tasty twists at your next brunch bash and get ready for the compliments to flow.

1) Get Your Buzz On

Red-Eye Gravy boosts your caffeine consumption because its main ingredient is coffee! This is a perfect one for gravy beginners to try because it's practically fool-proof. Fry some ham, drain excess grease and stir in hot black coffee. Boom, done. Yes, coffee in gravy might sound strange, but it wakes up the salty sweet slices of ham. Variations include adding ketchup and mustard, or in Louisiana, the pan drippings are seasoned with cayenne pepper.

101969046 redeye gravy by Meredith
Photo by Meredith

2) Take it Way Beyond Beige

Mama's Tomato Gravy is a colorful biscuit topper that is not to be confused with the Bolognese-style sauce Southerners often refer to as gravy. This slightly tart creation from Alabama is a natural fit for cheddar biscuits. (Remind you of grilled cheese and tomato soup?)

Big Bad Breakfast Tomato Gravy
Creole-style tomato gravy at Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford, Miss. Photo by Leslie Kelly

3) Make it a Tasty History Lesson

Bet you didn't know that Sawmill Gravy was a huge hit among hungry lumberjack crews in the early 1900s. The original recipe included cornmeal that prompted the rustic name. It has lightened up over the years, though there's still plenty of breakfast sausage to satisfy those hearty appetites.

A red-rimmed plate with a split biscuit topped with sausage gravy
Photo by KGora
| Credit: KGora

4) Serve it for Dessert

Chocolate Gravy is a Southern tradition that sparks warm, fuzzy memories of grandma. It's easy to wow friends and family with this surprising creation. Dark cocoa powder's the key to winning chocolate gravy — an ingredient Granny couldn't get. Thank goodness it's now widely available on supermarket shelves everywhere.

edited chocolate gravy by Lindsey Otto
Photo by Lindsey Otto

5) Let it Flow in a Fountain

Fill up a heated fountain with a Big Batch of Creamy Gravy for a Crowd and say, hello, to an instant party vibe. Check out the details on how to make this memorable brunch happen.

Gravy Fountain buffet
Photo by Leslie Kelly

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