Savor the flavors of the Isle of the Sunset.
Morroccan vegetarian stews with couscous
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Bordered by seas and sheltered by mountains, Morocco is a California-size culinary prize of a country situated in the northwest corner of Africa.

A Taste of Something Fine

For centuries, invaders and traders traversed this mountainous country. European, Arab and African influences made their mark upon indigenous nomadic cultures, helping to create a diverse cuisine that is festive and flavorful. Ras el Hanout, the spice mix that lends a signature flavor to so many Moroccan dishes, is one happy result of this blending of cultures and peoples.

Ras el Hanout
Ras el Hanout
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Rivers and streams drain rainwater from the mountains, bringing it down into the sun-baked valleys to irrigate orchards and fields of thirsty wheat and vegetables. This rich bounty fills the stalls of Morocco's lively outdoor markets. Fresh produce plays a big role in Moroccan cooking, which helps account for its reputation as a healthy Mediterranean-style cuisine.

Couscous: The Dish on the National Dish

Couscous, the national dish of Morocco, is made of small-grain semolina pasta, typically combined with saffron, spices, nuts and raisins and served with flavorful stews and tagines. Other savory Moroccan specialties include spiced meat pies and roasted lamb.

Spanish Moroccan Fish
Spanish Moroccan Fish
| Credit: Allrecipes Magazine