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If you're like a lot of cooks, you could use an extra set of hands in the kitchen. We're pretty excited about a new technology that can give you just that: Hands-free access to the recipes you love, along with step-by-step instructions, and even reviews from other cooks!

Introducing the Allrecipes Skill for Amazon Alexa. The skill works on any Amazon device equipped with Alexa Voice Service, including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. These hands-free speakers are voice-controlled, so you can keep your hands in the mix and off your devices! Simply ask Alexa a few questions and you'll hear everything you need - from dinner suggestions to ingredients, instructions, reviews, and more. For details about getting the skill enabled on your Alexa device, check out our skill information page.

Ready to go? We’ve created the below tips to help you get started.


Getting Started

To start using the Allrecipes Skill, say:

  • “Alexa, open the Allrecipes Skill.”

To find a recipe, you can say any of the following:

  • “Alexa, find me a pie recipe” 
  • “Alexa, find me a pumpkin pie recipe”
  • “Alexa, find me the Perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe”
  • “Alexa, find me a recipe with eggs, condensed milk, and pumpkin.”

You can ask for details about a recipe by saying one of the following:

  • “Alexa, recipe details”
  • "Alexa, ingredient details”
  • “Alexa, reviews”
  • “Alexa, how much time is needed?”
  • “Alexa, how many eggs do I need?”

To get cooking instructions, just say:

  • “Alexa, start cooking.” You can set the pace, by saying “Next,” “Repeat,” or “Skip” to move through the recipe.

Need to shop? Send the recipe to your phone by saying, “Alexa, send the recipe to my phone.”

Here’s a full list of prompts:



“Alexa, Open Allrecipes”

Opens the Allrecipes Skill

“Alexa, New Search”

Starts a new Allrecipes recipe search

“Alexa, Exit Allrecipes”

Leaves the Allrecipes Skill

Once the skill is open, you can ask…


“Alexa, find me a recipe with chicken and bacon.”

Looks for a recipe with chicken and bacon.

“Recipe Details”

Tells you a recipe’s details including description, ingredients, and cooking time.


The quantity and preparation instructions for each ingredient


The chosen recipe’s reviews

“Alexa, Stop”

Closes Allrecipes skill

"Alexa, Start Cooking”

Starts the step-by-step instructions

"Alexa, Next"

Next step in the current recipe

“Alexa, Previous”

Repeats last step in current recipe

“Alexa, Repeat”

Repeats current step in current recipe

“Alexa, Skip”

Skips to next step

“Alexa, how much time does the recipe take?”

The cooking time for the selected recipe

“Send recipe to my phone.”

Sends a text message with a link to the recipe to your smartphone

“Main menu”

Returns to Alexa main menu. To return say “Alexa, open Allrecipes”

“Alexa, search for pumpkin pie.”

Recipe recommendation

“Alexa, search for Chef John’s Pumpkin Pie.”

Details about this specific recipe

“What is the Recipe of the Day?"

The title of the Allrecipes Recipe of the Day

Learn more on our skill information page. Happy cooking!