By Vanessa Greaves

Almost better than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It's your lucky day! Check out these favorite recipes for traditional Irish and Irish-American St. Patrick's Day dishes you can make quickly and easily in your Instant Pot or other multi-cooker.

6 Favorite St. Patrick's Day Dishes for Your Instant Pot

1. Instant Pot® Corned Beef

Cooking a gnarly slab of brisket usually takes hours in the oven or slow cooker, but your Instant Pot can do it in a fraction of the time. "If you'd like to do a complete Irish feast, remove the trivet while your brisket is resting and place baby carrots, quartered red potatoes, and cabbage wedges in the bottom of the Instant Pot. Secure the lid, lock, seal, and select the manual setting. Set for 5 minutes. Do a quick release. The rested brisket and vegetables are ready at the same time." — Soup Loving Nicole

Photo by Brigitte Schattenfield

2. Pressure Cooker Corned Beef Brisket

"Turned out AMAZING. So much more tender than in the slow cooker." — Johnathan Manchester

Photo by Barbara Wilson Stender

Instant Pot® Irish Stew

You can transform a tough shoulder of lamb into a fork-tender one-pot meal in a little over an hour for an easy St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Photo by Diana71

4. Instant Pot® Irish Beef Stew

"I find herbs and seasonings lose their potency while under pressure, which is why I add most of them at the end." — thedailygourmet

Photo by thedailygourmet

5. Instant Pot® Colcannon

No need to dirty multiple pots to make this must-have side dish of cabbage and potatoes mashed with butter and green onions. It's the perfect companion to a hearty Irish stew.

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

6. Instant Pot® Leek Mashed Potatoes


Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

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