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Discover 15 outstanding breakfasts you can make in your Instant Pot multi-cooker, including eggs, oats, yogurt, and applesauce. We'll share recipes, reviews, and tips from home cooks. So, plug in, turn on, chow down.


Try poached eggs, soft-boiled eggs, egg bites, and even a breakfast casserole -- all from your mighty Instant Pot.

Eggs are poached in a hearty tomato sauce loaded with onions, bell peppers, kale, and spices. Tip: To help space the eggs evenly in the sauce, crack one into a small bowl and tip it into the tomato mixture. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

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"The fresh bounty of vegetables at my local farmers market was the inspiration for this breakfast dish. This recipe uses a set of stackable stainless steel insert pans which can be found on Amazon." -- thedailygourmet

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Reviewers agree you should reduce the cooking time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes for true soft-boiled eggs. But go ahead and use the 5-minute timing if you want to make a big batch of easy-peel deviled eggs. Home cook Kristy note, "These eggs peel like no boiled eggs you've ever made. :) So easy!"

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"These egg bites are perfect for breakfast on the go. Packed with veggies and cheese, they pack a lot of flavor. Feel free to interchange vegetables for more variety. This uses a silicone egg mold available through online retailers like Amazon." -- thedailygourmet

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Steel-Cut Oats

Chewy, nutty, healthy steel-cut oats can take 30 to 40 minutes to make on the stovetop, and require frequent stirring, which is why you'll find lots of steel-cut oats recipes for the slow cooker. Using your Instant Pot gives you a completely hands-free way to cook steel-cut oats and without waiting overnight.

"For me, this is the perfect method for IP steel-cut oats. This is so much easier than stove top, I now make them much more often than I used to. The liquid to oats ratio is the right consistency for me. And the time of 3 minutes is perfect." -- Tammy Lynn

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"Oatmeal made in the Instant Pot® with apples, apple pie spices, and steel-cut oats. Serve with your favorite toppings - we added pecans, a little almond milk, and a drizzle of maple syrup." -- Pamela Wurtz

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"These steel-cut oats are so creamy and easy to make in the Instant Pot®! Seasoned with pumpkin spice, this is the perfect quick and easy breakfast for two." -- Fioa

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"You can have a nice pot of spiced cranberry and pumpkin steel cut oatmeal in just minutes! The leftovers refrigerate for up to 4 days, and I thought it tasted even better warmed up the next day." -- Tanny Lynn

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You can make your own yogurt for a fraction of the price (and with none of the artificial ingredients) of store-bought yogurt.

"I used 1/4 cup of plain Fage 2% Greek yogurt as my starter and omitted the vanilla so I could use this in savory recipes as well. Method was great, spoon stood up in the Instant Pot after it was finished." -- Arizona Desert Flower

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"This creamy and silky non-dairy homemade coconut yogurt is irresistible and so easy to make in your Instant Pot®; just mix your ingredients, select Yogurt function, and voila!" -- Fioa

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"Make this simple non-dairy homemade yogurt in your Instant Pot® with 2 basic available ingredients; you'll never buy yogurt again! Serve with honey and fresh fruit." -- Fioa

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Fruits and More

You can make a batch of applesauce to go with your oats or yogurt, or eat it all on its own.

"I haven't bought applesauce in a jar for many, many years. We simply prefer homemade, which I usually make in the microwave, but this method is just as easy. The star in this applesauce and the single thing that makes it distinctive and delicious is the star anise. It doesn't overpower, but it is the first flavor that you taste, and it does make you wonder '…what is that?'" -- lutzflcat

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"Apples mixed with pears make a sweet dessert or snack without any added sugar." -- Buckwheat Queen

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"The aroma of this lovely applesauce is divine, not to mention the taste. It took 10 minutes for the pressure to build, cooked for 8 minutes, then 17 minutes for natural release. I used one of those apple peeler/corer/slicers which slice the apples quite thin, so I didn't need to blend the sauce at all, just a good stir with a wooden spoon did it for me." -- Jody

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"Very good. You can do it with or without the cranberry (I actually used a strawberry/cranberry jam) depending on whether you want savory or sweet." -- Bill S

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