Did your state make the top five?
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Like it or not, pumpkin spice season is officially here, and it's proving to be just as divisive as ever. Each year as summer comes to a close, the public is inundated with all things pumpkin spice, with products running the gamut from lattes to instant noodles. Some folks embrace the festive flavoring, while others think enough is enough. 

Instacart published data on which pumpkin spice products are most popular amongst their consumers, as well as which states take to the fall trend most seriously. Wondering how your state compares to the rest of the country? Let's take a closer look. 

The Pumpkin Spice Surge 

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"This year, Instacart searches for 'pumpkin spice' surged earlier than ever before — starting in late July — which means many people already have fall on their mind and are looking forward to seasonal flavors," said Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart's Trends Expert. Although, Instacart searches for pumpkin spice tend to peak at the same time every year in early October, and Romaniuk expects this year to be no different. 

To determine which states buy the most and the least amount of pumpkin spice products, Instacart measured the relative share of pumpkin spice items purchased compared to the national average. 

So, which state loves pumpkin spice the most? West Virginia! The Mountain State purchases 122 percent more pumpkin spice products than the national average. Perhaps this love for all things autumn is inspired by the state's beautiful fall foliage.

And it's no surprise that folks in the Hawaiian islands — where it is almost always warm and sunny —  purchased the least amount of pumpkin spice products, about 65 percent less than the national average. (They do love pumpkin crunch, however.)

In general, Instacart's data found that Midwestern and Southeastern states are more likely to purchase pumpkin spice products compared to states in the West and Northeast, perhaps because those regions favor apple picking and harvesting. (Did they hear Starbucks has a new apple-inspired drink this fall?)

States Buying the Most Pumpkin Spice Products

The percentages below are based on how likely each state is to purchase pumpkin spice items compared to the national average. 

  1. West Virginia (122 percent) 
  2. Iowa (90 percent) 
  3. North Carolina (62 percent)
  4. Ohio (60 percent) 
  5. Wisconsin (58 percent)

States Buying the Least Pumpkin Spice Products 

The percentages below are based on how likely each state is to purchase pumpkin spice items compared to the national average. 

  1. Hawaii (-65 percent)
  2. Washington, D.C. (-49 percent)
  3. Louisiana (-42 percent)
  4. Massachusetts (-37 percent)
  5. Minnesota (-36 percent)

The Top Pumpkin Spice Products Purchased in 2020

list of top 10 purchased pumpkin spice products
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In addition to measuring where pumpkin spice is most loved, Instacart also looked at which pumpkin spice products were most purchased in 2020. Coffee creamer comes out on top, representing nearly half (46 percent) of all pumpkin spice item purchases on Instacart. It's followed by pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin spice ground coffee, and pumpkin spice cream cheese. It's clear that breakfast is where pumpkin spice really shines, as almost all of the top pumpkin spice products are breakfast or breakfast-adjacent items. 

Among the fast-growing pumpkin spice products are quick oats, protein bars, pancake & waffle mix, and cereal, all of which have shown tremendous growth compared to 2019. 

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