February 23, 2017

Indian cuisine is so hot right now. More restaurants are popping up, and you can't turn around in a grocery store without seeing Indian-spiced snacks. If you've got a craving, lunch and dinner options are easy bets, but who would think of it for breakfast? On a recent trip to New York, my interest was piqued when I saw that Pondicheri, a modern Indian restaurant, had a breakfast menu. It automatically got on my list as a must try.

If you're into a savory (and healthy!) breakfast, Indian cuisine should be a no-brainer. Pondicheri had a wide mix of dishes designed to wake up your palate. I played it safe with a breakfast salad (I know, so boring), but when you're faced with greens, currants, black chickpeas, cucumber, yogurt drizzle, potato cake & fried eggs, you can't say no. Other menu items included roti wraps, masala-spiced eggs, and paratha topped with jam. Here's how to create your own Indian breakfast!

Photo by AR Cally

Try these tips for making better Indian food at home.

Create Your Own Indian Breakfast

Break out your Indian spices. Creating your own Indian-style breakfast is easy with a little creativity.

  1. Make some roti (chapati), and create breakfast wraps with your spiced protein of choice (eggs, chickpeas, lentils) and chutney.
  2. Top a paratha with fried eggs and spiced greens. You could even make it Eggs Benedict-style with poached eggs and a yogurt sauce.

Here are some great recipes to get started!

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