Profits earned over the next 30 days will go to the CDC's ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.
Playmate Igloo
Credit: Igloo

Igloo, a company known for its super-functional, best-in-class ice chests, lunch bags, and coolers, just announced that the company will be donating 100 percent of profits from all Playmate coolers sold on to the CDC Foundation's  Coronavirus Response Fund. Through April 20, Igloo will support the on-going efforts of the CDC during the Coronavirus outbreak to help those in need and show support.

"As a proud American manufacturer, we want to do our part to unify our country behind the collective efforts to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. We support our national community of tireless health care workers on the front lines working through this time of uncertainty," Dave Allen, president & CEO of Igloo, said in a statement. Igloo is based in Katy, Texas.

Allen continued, "Donating 100 [percent] of profits from the sales of Playmate coolers on is not only going to deliver needed resources to the CDC Foundation's Coronavirus Response Fund, but also symbolizes American manufacturing persevering in the toughest of times."

Igloo Playmate CDC
Credit: Igloo

The CDC Foundation works to bring together great collaborations between themselves, the CDC, and various philanthropies, private entities, and individuals to find resources and programs that can help protect the health, safety and wellbeing of Americans and the rest of the world at large. This is just one of the great initiatives in place, and Igloo is hopping on board to help as best as they can!

Now it seems now is a good time to buy yourself (and maybe every member of your family) a new cooler for your school, work, and eventual summer plans. We love the classic Playmate Cooler, which comes in 16-, 7-, and 4-quart sizes. But if you want to have a little more personality, look for the Bob's Burgers 16-quart cooler or the 7-quart Mickey Mouse cooler.