Great news for Taco Tuesday fans: The taco fun does not have to end with dinner! An ice cream shop in Orange County is serving up ice cream tacos for dessert. Taco'bout a genius idea!

Sweet Cup loads rolled ice cream into what are essentially ice cream cones in the shape of tacos, and then tops them with all kinds of deliciousness...Fruity Pebbles, rainbow sprinkles, crushed cookies, and even edible gold. Try a s'mores ice cream taco, a strawberry shortcake, or one in particular that was calling my name: The Monster. You may notice the resemblance to a certain Sesame Street character who definitely doesn't mind a cookie or two—or ten.

And if you're thinking, well, that's a bummer, I don't live anywhere near this magical SoCal shop—a quick search turned up a few more: Breezy Burrito Co. (Buffalo, NY), Cream (multiple locations), and Taco Sweets (Austin, TX). Or you can DIY (see below)!

Then, for those of us who live anywhere in between, might I suggest this Unicorn Waffle Taco Sundae for taco Tuesdays at home, or one of these delicious options from Rachael Ray.

Have your unicorn obsession and ice cream taco, too. | Image by Lindsey