The Ice Cream Exchange is here to save Christmas.

Though the spirit of the holiday season should be about the joy of giving gifts rather than receiving them, it's only human to eagerly anticipate what we'll get from those who've put us on their gifting list. Sometimes, a shopping savant finds the gift we didn't even know we needed, but others, well, miss the mark. 

While normally we'd just have to feign excitement while secretly looking up that particular store's return and exchange policies, now you can at least exchange that crappy, unwanted gift for something that everyone can enjoy: ice cream. 

That's thanks to a new effort from The Ice Cream Shop, an online retailer who wants to make sure that people can go online and get the ice cream they need. For the 2020 holiday season, they've set up, a magical place capable of transforming a boring pair of socks to on-demand pints of Ben & Jerrys, Talenti, and more. 

angela is swapping her meh gift for a pint of talenti
Credit: Ice Cream Exchange

As Angela Kinsey, who knows a thing or two about planning (dull) holiday parties can tell you, ice cream makes everything better. 

"We've all been the recipient of disappointing gifts at a holiday gift exchange – whether it's an obvious re-gift or itchy sweater," she said in a press release. "That's why I'm teaming up with The Ice Cream Shop to offer people across the country the chance to turn in their gift for something much sweeter. Because really, who doesn't love ice cream?"

Compared to getting a Playstation 5, the process is pretty simple. Visit the Ice Cream Exchange website, let them know what kind of disappointing gift you got , select from Uber Eats, Postmates or DoorDash, choose an ice cream retailer (including The Ice Cream Shop, 7-Eleven, and more), and get a great deal on ice cream delivery. You're not getting ice cream for free, but the fact that you're exchanging a gift you don't want for any level of value at all has to go down as a win. 

We've all faced enough disappointing moments in 2020. Thankfully, the existence of the Ice Cream Exchange means we won't have to suffer yet another one around the holidays. The ice cream may not last forever, but the memories of the time you turned nothing into something sure will.