September 06, 2018
Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Catch: only in London

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Looking to eat more ice cream at breakfast? It's time you thought outside of the box and in between the bagel. The Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in London's Soho neighborhood has just introduced what it's calling the city's "first Ice Cream Bagel."

According to Ben & Jerry's, when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield first starting thinking about opening a business together they considered a bagel shop. Eventually, they decided on ice cream instead, launching their brand back in 1978. This year, their partnership is celebrating its 40th anniversary. As a result, these new "Ice-Ice-Bagels," as they are called, are intended to honor that milestone by "raising a spoon to what might have been."

As far as the ice cream bagels themselves are concerned, Ben & Jerry's explains them thusly: "A soft, chewy, Montreal-style bagel, with notes of maple syrup, toppings and tailing Ben & Jerry's chunky, swirly, ice cream." For Americans who didn't even realize Montreal had a signature bagel, Montreal bagels are smaller, crunchier, and sweeter than New York-style bagels. They contain no salt, and instead have honey and egg.

All the B&J bagels come courtesy of the Edinburgh-based Bross Bagels, helmed by Larah Bross, a Montreal native who calls her former hometown "the bagel capital of the world that always gets overlooked by the other bagel capital of the world, New York."

Ice Ice Bagels are being sold in two varieties. "Birthday Bagel" is a "pink bagel filled with Ben & Jerry's newest concoction ‘Birthday Cake' (Vanilla Cake Batter Ice Cream with Pink Frosting & Strawberry Swirls and Cake Pieces) and topped with multi-coloured sprinkles." Meanwhile, the "Holey Cara-moley" ice cream bagel is said to be "a sweet but salty, Iye-coated pretzel bagel nestling generous scoops of Ben & Jerry's scoop-shop exclusive flavor ‘Double Caramel Brownie' (caramel ice cream with salted caramel swirl and chocolate brownies) and smothered in gooey caramel sauce."

Sadly for people who live outside of the London area, these Ice Ice Bagels are apparently only being sold in this one Soho shop. That said, they've gone on sale today and will be available until September 9, meaning you have a couple weeks to sort out how you're going to make it across the pond.

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