Valentine's Chocolate Souffle
Photo by Allrecipes

How to Make a Valentine's Day Chocolate Soufflé with Mocha Sauce

Created by MasterChef alum, Elise Mayfield — aka Smart Cookie — these homemade individual soufflés are the perfect way to say it with chocolate on Valentine's Day.

We'll share Smart Cookie's top tips to make chocolate soufflés for two topped with a decadent mocha sauce.

"Make a fun Valentine's Day project out of this recipe for dark chocolate soufflés drizzled with a marvelous mocha sauce." — Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie's Top Tips:

1. Prep your ramekins with not one but two layers of butter and a dusting of cocoa powder over the bottom and all the way up the sides to make sure nothing sticks.

2. Stir your chocolate while it melts into the cream, but don't let it come to a boil.

3. When you beat the egg whites to soft peaks, keep the speed moderate so you don't overbeat.

4. Tap the filled ramekins to force out any air bubbles. Be sure to watch the video to see her cook trick for making the edge of the soufflés come out evenly. Who knew?

By the way, this recipe calls for superfine sugar, aka castor sugar. It's called superfine because the individual crystals are smaller than regular granulated sugar, which makes them dissolve more easily and smoothly. To grind your own superfine sugar, measure out the amount of sugar called for in your recipe and add a little more to compensate for the reduction in volume that will happen when you grind it. Grind it in your food processor for a couple of minutes until the texture is very fine. Then measure out what the recipe requires. So easy!

Watch the video to see it all come together: