How to Store Green Onions to Keep Them Fresh

And how to regrow them from scraps. Intrigued?

Did you know a little extra effort can make green onions last up to five weeks after purchase? And you can use the scraps to regrow them for an endless supply of fresh green onions from the kitchen. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn step-by-step how to store green onions the best way.

How to Store Green Onions Step-by-Step

When it comes to making your green onions last, controlling moisture is key. They need to be kept in a humid environment to stay firm, but they can begin to rot with excess moisture. This paper towel method will provide humidity without adding excess moisture. And don't forget to save the scraps to grown your own green onions!

1. Cut off the root

Start by removing the rubber band and any other packaging. Line up the green onions and cut the root off. Save these for later (more on that below).

Green onions with roots cut off and chef's knife on wood cutting board
Melanie Fincher

2. Cut in half

Leave the green onions lined up, and cut them in half so that they fit in a plastic bag.

Green onions cut in half on wood cutting board
Melanie Fincher

3. Dry them off

Use a paper towel to pat down the green onions, removing any excess moisture.

Green onions being dried on paper towel
Melanie Fincher

4. Wrap them

Tear some paper towel off to wrap the green onion, about three sheets per bag (six total). Place half the green onions on one set of paper towels and the other half on another. Avoid wrapping too tight so the green onions don't get crushed.

Green onion halves on paper towel

5. Place wrapped green onions in bag and refrigerate.

Place each bundle of green onions in a plastic bag. Label with the date. Seal the bag and place in the crisper drawer of your fridge.

Plastic bags with green onions wrapped in paper towels inside
Melanie Fincher

6. Use as needed

When you're ready to use, remove the green onions from the bag and gently pat them down to remove any excess moisture. Any unused green onions should be rewrapped and stored in the plastic bag again.

How to Regrow Green Onions From Scraps

Green Onions Rooted in Water Photo by Vanessa Greaves
Vanessa Greaves

Before you throw out the green onion roots, consider using them to regrow green onions. Yep, that's right — you can use green onion scraps to regrow green onions for an endless supply of fresh green onions. All you need is green onion roots, a jar, and fresh water. Curious? Use our guide on how to regrow green onions.

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