This Is How To Read Aldi's Price Tags To Score the Best Deals

They'll even tell you how long the product will be in stores.

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Most of us already know that shopping at Aldi over other traditional grocery stores is guaranteed to save you money. What you might not know is that there is another trick to saving money at Aldi—and it has something to do with the price tags.

Like at many other stores, there is more to the Aldi price tag than meets the eye. Beyond finding the product name and price, just a quick glance at the price tag can tell you so much about the item.

After you've looked at the price, take a look at the price tag's color and any other numbers, symbols, or bold-faced words on the tag. These added quantifiers will let you know of any deals it qualifies for, as well as how long the products will be on the shelves.

How To Read Aldi's Price Tags

Color Code

  • Yellow/green/white: These colors typically signify the products that are always on Aldi's shelves. Green can be found in the produce section, white in the freezers, and yellow throughout the rest of the store. Sometimes, especially in the produce and frozen section, these tags are also used for seasonal items. If that's the case, you'll see the words "seasonal" or "limited time" written on the tag.
  • Yellow with a blue sticker or tag: The blue tag or "New at Aldi" sticker denotes brand-new products that have hit shelves and are expected to become mainstays.
  • Yellow with red text: The red text on a yellow tag means this product is on sale.
  • Blue: A blue tag means the product is seasonal and will only be available for a few months. Sometimes you'll also see the word "seasonal" written on the tag.
  • White with red text: These white and red tags are almost always accompanied by the words "Aldi Find," making them a coveted item at the store. The Aldi Finds are new every week (they arrive on Wednesdays) and are only available while supplies last.

Other Tags To Look Out For

  • Aldi Savers tags: These red and white tags indicate a temporary price drop in a product. You might also see a handwritten price on a "Prices So Low" sticker that shows you the discounted price. And sometimes on meat, bread, or bakery items, you'll see a sticker on the product letting you know that it's discounted.
  • The letter "D": If you see the letter "D" handwritten on a tag or printed in the number under the price, that means the product is being discontinued—so you should probably stock up.

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to start planning your next Aldi trip!

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