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You are going to look like a crafty genius when you decorate your Thanksgiving table with adorable, edible mini cornucopias. Traditional symbols of an abundant harvest, these pint-size horns of plenty can be filled with anything from sweets to nuts, and personalized for each of your guests. Best part? They're incredibly easy to DIY. Here's how to make them.

Mini Cornucopia
Photo by Vanessa Greaves

I was searching for inspiration for this year's Thanksgiving table ideas when I stumbled upon this super-cute craft on onelittleproject. I instantly loved the idea of making scaled-down cornucopias, but then I went a few steps further by putting the candy filler into treat bags and adding ribbons and name tags. Because that's just how I roll. How did they turn out? Everyone at Allrecipes who saw these gave them the oohs and aahs I was hoping for. These are definitely going on my own Thanksgiving table from now on.

How to Make Mini Thanksgiving Cornucopias

You'll Need

  • Waffle cones (you could also use sugar cones)
  • Cone-shaped cellophane treat bags (available at craft stores andonline)
  • Ribbon
  • Name tags
  • Candy, trail mix, granola, nuts, popcorn, etc.
Mini Cornucopia How-To
Photo by Vanessa Greaves


1. Working with one cone at a time, immerse the pointed end of a waffle or sugar cone in a glass of warm water to a depth of about 2 inches for 20 seconds. Dab off excess water with a paper towel. Microwave the cone for 10 seconds to soften it and make it pliable. Check carefully to see if you can gently bend the tip. If not, microwave for a few more seconds. Don't let it go too long or it'll scorch. (Ask me how I know.)

2. Gently bend the softened tip around a pencil or wooden spoon handle to form the curl at the end of the cornucopia, and hold it for 20 or 30 seconds until it starts to hold its shape. The cone will be quite hot from the microwave, so you might want to protect your fingers with a rubber glove. If your cone has a slanted rim (like the photo above), put it in a bowl or mug to hold it tip-side-up, and place it on a baking sheet. If your cone has a straight rim, you can simply place it on a baking sheet tip-side-up. Repeat with the rest of the cones.

3. Slide the baking sheet into a 250 degree oven for 5 minutes or longer, just until the curved tips start feeling dry and firm. The tips will harden further as they cool.

4. Fill the treat bags with your choice of candy, trail mix, popcorn, nuts, etc., leaving enough head room to tie the bag close with a pretty ribbon. Attach a name tag and slide the treat bag into the waffle cone.

Use these mini cornucopias as place cards for each guest, or gather them all together in a basket on your buffet. This Thanksgiving project is so easy, even the littlest kids can pitch in filling bags and decorating name tags.