Have a houseful of family members who need a fun baking project while homebound? Homemade Pop-Tarts to the rescue!
homemade pop tarts decorated
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Pop-Tarts©

This is a fun project for keeping little ones entertained, and a downright delightful way to spend an afternoon regardless of your age! Everyone can customize their own tart with multiple fillings and toppings for a single batch. This not only lets everyone make their favorite flavor, but it's a great way to utilize whatever ingredients you have on hand, and they just look cute when they're done, each one with it's own personality. 

Only have a teaspoon of pink sprinkles or a couple tablespoons of jam left? That works! Got a little chocolate in the cupboard but not enough for a batch of cookies? Here's a chance to use it up. Gather up a few other sweet odds and ends, and you’ll have enough creative flavors for a full batch. And anything goes, so go nuts!

Ideas for Homemade Pop-Tart Fillings and Toppings

Get the recipe for homemade Pop-Tarts

Use this recipe for homemade Pop-Tarts as a base, then get creative with the fillings and toppings. When deciding on fillings, keep in mind that you'll want about 1½ tablespoons of filling per tart.

fillings and toppings for homemade pop tarts
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

Ideas for Fillings:

  • Nut butters
  • Fresh or frozen fruit (chop into small pieces and add sugar to sweeten a bit)
  • Chocolate
  • Candy bars
  • Jam or jelly
  • A combo of any of the above

Ideas for Toppings:

  • Sugar Cookie Glaze or your favorite frosting
  • Dried fruit
  • Crushed and toasted nuts
  • Toasted coconut
  • Candy sprinkles
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Melted chocolate (swirled with melted nut butters?!)
  • Cinnamon and sugar

How to Make Homemade Pop-Tarts

Just a heads-up that you'll need to refrigerate your dough for at least 1 hour before  you can start rolling it out, so you may want to make it the night before to be ready in the morning. (Mmm homemade Pop-Tarts for breakfast!)

1. Follow the recipe to mix and chill the dough. Roll chilled dough to about ¼-inch thick. Slice edges off to make one big rectangle or square, then cut into rectangles (3 to 4 inches on the long side). (Save the dough scraps to bake with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.) Depending on how big you make your Pop Tarts, you should get 8 to 10 per batch — so, 16-20 rectangles like the ones pictured below. Tip: You'll want to cut an even number so you get tops and bottoms.

homemade pop tarts dough rolled and cut out
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

2. Put about 1½ tablespoons of filling on half of the rectangles, being sure to leave about a half inch of empty space around the edges for sealing the tops.

homemade pop tarts fillings before baking
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

3. Moisten the border with a little water, put the tops on, and use a fork to press and seal the edges. Also, use the fork to poke some holes in the tops so that steam can escape.

homemade pop tarts ready to bake
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

4. Be sure to let the tarts cool completely on a rack before you add toppings. Tip: Place a piece of parchment underneath when you're ready to add icing so it catches any that drips off.

homemade pop tarts baked and cooling on a rack
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

5. Split up your batch of icing into several small bowls to make different colors with food coloring, or add cocoa powder or other flavorings. Be sure it's a little on the thick side — you want it to drip down the tart, but not be so thin that it all slides off. Tip: Pour a thick line down the middle, parallel with the long side of the Pop Tart, and the icing should roll down the sides, covering the top. Then sprinkle with any additional toppings.

homemade pop tarts decorated on cooling rack
Credit: Mackenzie Schieck