Give homemade hydration a try! Make your own sports drinks and you control how much sugar and salt and other stuff goes into them -- and you save money, too!

Sports Drinks_DIY Greaterade
DIY Greaterade | Photo by Chef John

All you need are honey, pure salt, the juice of fresh oranges, lemons, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. A little calcium magnesium powder is an optional ingredient.

Watch Chef John whip up a quick batch. "All the ingredients in this are easy to find," says Chef John. "And the whole procedure only takes minutes." Tweak it until you find your perfect formula.

Of course, if your exercise routine isn't of the way-vigorous variety, you might be better off with just plain water.

Writing in Harvard Health, Patrick Skerrett sums up research by the British Medical Journal on commercial sports drinks: The "truth is this: drink when you are thirsty and don't waste your money or calories on sports drinks -- choose water instead."

There is also some concern about kids drinking sweetened sports drinks in social (rather than athletic) settings. The BBC reports on research from Cardiff University in Wales: "High numbers of younger teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity by regularly having high-sugar sport drinks."

Still, if you're engaging in vigorous, high energy- and sweat-expending athletic feats of glory this summer, and you're looking for replenishment, you'll be better off making your own sports drink than buying them in the store.