India is known for its colorful curries and sauces. But you don't have to travel the globe to savor the experience. Here's how to make a vibrant assortment of dishes sure to wow your friends and (Instagram) followers.

A Thali plate from Only Restaurant in Agra, India. Photo by Katie Johnson

On a recent visit to India, I fell in love with Thali, an Indian meal made up of an assortment of dishes and flavors. The word "Thali" actually refers to the platter the meal is served on. The staple rice or bread is placed in the center, and surrounded by colorful curries, sauces, and snacks. Read on for some of our favorite Indian dishes to help you make your own Thali platter.

Easy Indian Butter Chicken

Just a couple "exotic" ingredients like garam masala and tandoori masala bring this taste of India to your Thali platter.

Easy Indian Butter Chicken. Photo by caz981

Spicy Vegan Potato Curry

Indian cuisine is rich with vegetarian and vegan dishes. This dish uses fresh and canned veggies— easy prep and easy on the wallet.

Coconut Rice

Fancify your everyday rice with this simple recipe.

Coconut Rice. Photo by SPECK03

Saag Paneer

One of India's most vibrant dishes, Saag Paneer is spinach with fried cheese. Sounds both decadent and good for you? It is. And vegetarian to boot.


No Indian feast would be complete without Naan, which you can make at home on the grill. Dress it up with extra butter or garlic.

Naan. Photo by Meredith

Kashmiri Lamb

Cumin, ginger, garlic, turmeric and more elegantly flavor this dish you can make on your stovetop.

Kashmiri Lamb. Photo by Doughgirl8

Mango-Mint Lassi with Indian Sweet Spices

Lassis are creamy yogurt drinks that help to cut the spices of the meal. This one adds a fresh kick of mint and lime.

Kheer (Rice Pudding)

The sweet finish to your colorful meal, with delicate flavors of coconut and rose blended with cardamom and raisins for the grand finale. Garnish with rose petals or nuts to make it extra-Instagram-worthy.

Kheer. Photo by Michelle Marques

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Finally! Science explains why Indian food is so delicious.

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