We Dare You To Make This Super-Creepy Halloween Cheese Ball

Flayed Man Cheese Ball
Flayed Man Cheese Ball. Photo: foodelicious

This skin-crawling appetizer is guaranteed to be the talk of your Halloween party.

This gruesome centerpiece was the creep-out hit of our Allrecipes pre-Halloween bash. (One of my co-workers scooped out an eyeball right away and ate it. Sick!)

I'd seen the recipe (from Allrecipes community member Tara) and I finally decided to tackle it myself. Making it turned out to be pretty easy; the cheese mixture was exactly the right amount for the mask and it firmed up nicely in the fridge and held its shape throughout the party, even as it was being devoured by resident ghouls. And best of all, it tasted great!

Want go all mad scientist and make one for your Halloween party? I'll share with you what I learned so yours will turn out as creepy as you want it to be.

How to Make a Flayed Man Cheese Ball: Helpful Tips

The first step is to get the recipe for Flayed Man Cheese Ball

  1. It's tricky to position the olive eyeballs so they don't get all wonky when you add the cheese filling. Next time, I might scoop out little holes and add the olives after the mixture firms up.
  2. I accidentally used only one 3-ounce package of prosciutto, but it was plenty. Besides, I like how the cheese mixture shows through the thinly sliced prosciutto like bone structure. Ewww.
  3. Be sure to press the prosciutto down into the nose and lips.
  4. I used the edge of a spoon to emphasize the outline of the lips. I think that made it extra life-like.
  5. The next time I make this, I might download a photo of the musculature of the face, and try to copy that with the prosciutto. Because that's how I roll.

WATCH: How To Make A Flayed Man Cheese Ball

Personally, I think this is just too good to keep only for Halloween. Any Walking Dead or Game of Thrones fans out there? This could be your new favorite viewing party snack.

If this way too realistic snack face is a bit too creepy for your little ones, give this Monster Ball a try. It's actually pretty cute and won't scare the bejeezus out of the kids.

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