You can still treat mom even if you're many miles away.
Grandparents with granddaughter using tablet on video call
Credit: 10'000 Hours/Getty Images

While you may have planned a fun Mother's or Father's day brunch in the past, this year is going to be different. Since you're likely stuck at home, in different cities or on different streets, it's not so easy to sit down at a table together and enjoy a meal.

Yet, you can still plan and execute a Mother's or Father's Day virtual brunch from two separate places, as long as you can share the time together via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom — and as long as you can enjoy a delicious mimosa or eggs Benedict together, too.

In the end, it's the thought and time that matters, and you can still show gratitude to your parents and spend that valuable family together no matter the distance. Here are the steps to take when planning a Mother's Day or Father's Day brunch this year, where it will still feel as though you are sitting together, chatting, hugging, and making memories.

1. Set the Scene

Beyond just setting a table with scrambled eggs or pancakes, make the ambience of the room special. You can use a fancier tablecloth, your fine china, nice glassware.

"Perhaps you can set the scene wherever you will be Facetiming or Zooming with some flowers in the scene and a handmade card or poster letting them know how much you love them," adds Maggie Michalzyck, MS, RD. "If you have old photos with your mom and dad, pull them out and show them on the screen during your virtual celebration to reminisce about when the photo was taken and why that was your favorite memory," she says.

2. Do a Cooking Presentation and Brunch

Instead of just watching each other eat, have someone in the family do a demo of cooking up one of their favorite egg recipes or French toast, braiding challah or making homemade pie crust.

"If someone in your family is especially good at making cocktails or baking, having them do a mini virtual demo would also be a really fun way to make it feel like a bonding activity," Michalzyck says. You can cook with them from your own kitchen, so you are preparing the meal together before digging in as a family.

3. Cook Together, but Apart

Another great way to make it seem as though you are enjoying the same meal together as a family is by eating the same food. So, if you find a great eggs Monte Cristo Benedict dish or a wonderful French toast recipe fit for Mother's Day or Father's Day, make sure everyone is cooking it at home during the scheduled call. Then, you can taste it together!

4. Cook Different Recipes for a "Potluck"

While you won't be able to try their recipes obviously, having everyone bring something different for a meal can be fun, and then you can steal that recipe for another time. It's a great conversation opener, too.

"Have every 'bring' a dish to the virtual celebration. If it's a brunch think something like blueberry pancakes or spinach quiche. At the beginning of the brunch, have everyone share what they made, do a toast to mom or dad and enjoy," Michalzyck says.

5. Do a Toast

Don't forget the booze, like a Bloody Mary, a festive mimosa, or another brunch cocktail the whole family will love. "I recommend coordinating drinks like mimosas or a special cocktail that everyone can enjoy together even from far apart," she says. Then, you can do a toast and share kind words for Mom or Dad, and everyone can play a part in the speeches, too.