How can you get more for your food dollar and reduce food waste at the same time? Here are 10 tips to help you eat every edible part of the plant.

By Carl Hanson
Cauliflower with green attached
Cauliflower with green attached | Photo by Getty Images

1. Add turnip tops to sautéed veggies and salads.

Celery leaves are also excellent mixed in with salad greens.

2. Use cauliflower greens in a simple roasted cauliflower pasta.

At harvest, the heads of cauliflower are hidden inside a wrapping of green leaves. In mass production, the leaves are typically cut away and then thrown away, with only the pearly white center making it to market. If the cauliflower farmer at your local farmer's market is not already doing it, ask her if she'll save these greens for you. Like turnip or beet greens, cauliflower greens are delicious, nutritious additions to sautéed dishes, salads, or simple roasted cauliflower pastas.

3. Slice broccoli stems into rounds and roast 'em.

Blast them in a high-heat oven with a little oil and salt. They're a delicious addition to pastas and salads. Or process the sliced stems into thin slivers and try them in a slaw. Here's a quick breakdown of the flash-blasting technique.

4. Hold on to the broccoli leaves.

Blast them in the oven with the broccoli stems, braise them, or toss them raw into salads.

5. Eat down the leek.

Actually, the tougher parts of veggies like leeks, asparagus, and broccoli are good for gut bacteria. As a general rule, eat a little further down the stalks and stems. And toss the rest into a slow-simmering veggie stock.

6. Turn your potato peels into crisps.

Fry them up in oil and serve with a little salt and pepper and maybe a dipping sauce. Here's how handles potato peels.

7. Transform lemon and orange rinds into candy.

This candying method works great with any citrus fruit.


8. Use strawberry tops to flavor water.

They give just a hint of refreshing fresh berry flavor. Also add them to sangria, lemonade, and other soft drinks.

9. And watermelon rinds?

Make pickles and preserves. And here's a recipe for Watermelon Rind Stir-Fry.

10. What to do with the food waste you do have.

how to eat every bit of the veggie

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