Sarah Jessica Parker can have it all, anytime, anywhere. But instead of making like Carrie Bradshaw and using her oven as an extra shoe rack, this celebrity mom appears to be pretty creative in the kitchen -- just look at her Instagram! Full of shots of home-cooked meals in her multimilllion-dollar townhouse on Parker's Instagram reveal that, in the kitchen at least, this star really is just like us! If you can't help but wonder what SJP cooks at home, don't worry, I've found it for you, complete with recipes to emulate her home menus.

Fried Eggs

One of the easiest ways to make eggs at home. Be like this famous New Yorker, skip the diner and fry up your own eggs. Check out these tips to make perfect fried eggs.

Rotini with Tomatoes and Pancetta

Pasta night gets so much fancier when you toss in some pancetta -- who cares if you just bought it packaged at your local supermarket? Try this rotini with cherry tomatoes and pancetta recipe for some Carrie Bradshaw-approved noodles.

Cincinnati Chili

Can you guess what Grandma Dolly's top secret special ingredient is? We're guessing either nutmeg or booze but who really knows. Play around with special ingredients with this Cincinnati chili recipe to see if you can top SJP's.

Stir-Fry with Noodles

Forget takeout, SJP is stirring up her own Asian-inspired noodle dish at home and you can too! Try this lo mein recipe.

Curry Chicken and Lamb Stew

Cook up a little comfort on a cold day and simmer some chicken curry and lamb stew on the stove while watching Sex and the City re-runs, just like SJP probably does when she cooks, right?

Tomato Sauce

SJP's spaghetti sauce recipe? Sworn secret, we think. But if this star can simmer her own sauce rather than grab a jar of Prego, you can too! Try making homemade tomato sauce with a variety of ingredients and techniques to find your signature sauce style.

Roasted Turkey

When the holidays come around and you're tempted to order rotisserie instead of roasting an entire bird at home, remember that the almighty SJP can do it and so can you! Try this perfect roast turkey recipe.

Kisses Cookies

Whether you have some mini Broderick-Parkers at home or it's just the adults, it's never a bad time to make cookies with candy in them. Bake these peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses for a sweet night in.

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