By Carl Hanson

Here's the super-simple way to cut corn from the cob safely and mess-free.

Photo by Molly

And if you don't have a Bundt pan, there's also a work-around way, which works just as well. Plus, for the Danger Dans and Danielles of the kitchen, there's a third method.

And stick around for fourteen 5-star recipes calling for fresh corn.

1) The Super-Simple Way: Bundt Pan

Stick the tip of the cob into the opening of the Bundt pan's cone. The kernels collect in the bottom of the pan. Like so...

Slick counter-top? A wet towel under the Bundt pan will keep things from slipping.

2) The Simple Workaround Way

No Bundt pan? No problem. Chef John uses a ramekin turned upside down inside a big, wide bowl. This bowl-in-bowl approach elevates the corn and works great too. Place the cob down on the ramekin on the fat, flat end. Like so:

3) The Danger Way

Chef John's sharp blade just glides through the corn like butter. Don't try this method unless you too have a very sharp knife...and a first-aid kit on hand.

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