Here's the best way to cut an onion into uniform-size pieces.

Cut an onion into same-sized pieces, whether you're mincing, dicing, or chopping them, and they'll cook evenly and be done at the same time. Here's a quick tutorial on the best way to cut an onion quickly and into uniform bits. Chop an onion this way, and there's no time for the tears!

1) Grab a sharp knife and slice the top part off the onion. Which end is the top? It's opposite the root end.

Credit: Meredith

2) Cut the onion in half lengthwise from the root end to the top.

3) Remove the skin.

4) Make horizontal cuts, stopping just short of the root:

Credit: Meredith

5) Make vertical cuts, again stopping short of the root:

Credit: Meredith

6) Chop by cutting across the top of the onion:


Now that you have chopped onions, turn them into a dice or mince if you like.

Credit: Meredith

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