By Seth Kolloen

Don't waste your Hydro Flask's talents on ice water alone.

Chili Dog In A Hydro Flask

    1. Boil at least 3 cups of water.
    2. Fill the Hydro Flask with boiling water and seal.
    3. Heat one bowl of chili until extremely hot (3-5 minutes on high in a microwave).
    4. Transfer the chili to a pourable container (like a measuring cup).
    5. Unscrew the Hydro Flask, pour out the water, and pour in the chili.
    6. Drop in a hot dog and seal.
    7. Put a bun and some grated cheese in a plastic container.

(Jump forward 5 hours)

  1. By the time lunch rolls around, the hot dog is heated through and the chili is still warm. At lunchtime, pour the chili into a bowl, put the dog on the bun, assemble and eat.

You're saying: Isn't this going to make my Hydro Flask smell like chili dog forever? No—after doing this I'll just shake some dish soap and water around in there for a minute or so, then rinse, and add water. You can't taste the chili at all. And if you want a healthier option, use chicken sausage or a turkey dog.

Take your chili dog kit on a hike, road trip, or put it in your kid's backpack to guarantee they'll get a break from sandwiches—and be the star of the lunchroom.

You know what would make an amazing chili-dog bun? This savory waffle made of cornbread.

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Photo by Rembrandt Seth Kolloen