Learn how to make a double-layered pumpkin cheesecake all dressed up for Halloween with a spiderweb baked right in. Smart Cookie is here to show you the way.

Created by MasterChef alum, Elise Mayfield — aka Smart Cookie — this spooky-looking cheesecake is actually easier to make than you might think.

We'll share Smart Cookie's top tips to make the gingersnap crust and the two layers of cheesecake filling, and how to make the spiderweb pattern on top.

"A gingersnap crust complements the bewitching blast of pumpkin spice in this Halloween cheesecake. Marbling the plain vanilla filling against the pumpkin-spiced layer creates a spider web effect that makes it extra spooky. Start ahead, because if there's one word that describes this cheesecake, it's 'chilling.'" — Smart Cookie

Spooky Pumpkin Cheesecake
Photo by Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie's Top Tips:

1. Make your cheesecake the day before you want to eat it so it can chill overnight before slicing and serving.

2. Wrap the bottom of your springform pan with foil to prevent water from leaking in while the cheesecake bakes in a water bath.

3. For best results, your eggs and cream cheese must be at room temperature. Let them sit out for at least an hour before you start making your cheesecake.

4. Add your eggs one at a time, and mix just until combined. Then add the next egg. You don't want to overmix and whip too much air into your cheesecake, otherwise it can crack.

5. When you're making the spiderweb pattern, wipe your knife off between each pass.

5. After the cheesecake finished baking, turn off the oven, crack open the door, and let the cheesecake and the oven cool off at the same time.

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Watch the video to see it all come together:

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