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Try this incredible edible bouquet!

Delight your family and friends this spring with a colorful bouquet of sugar cookie flowers on lollipop sticks.

Created by MasterChef alum, Elise Mayfield — aka Smart Cookie — this tasty bouquet of sugar cookies is perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or any springtime gathering.

We'll share Smart Cookie's top tips to create a cookie bouquet from start to finish — from mixing and baking the dough to decorating the cookies, attaching the lollipop sticks, and arranging the cookies in a flower pot.

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"Three dozen shortbread cookies are decorated with royal icing and attached to lollipop sticks to create this delectable arrangement. Follow this technique, then get creative with the details!" — Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie's Top Tips:

1. You know how a recipe will tell you to beat (or cream) butter and sugar together until it's light and fluffy, but it won't say how long that will take? Smart Cookie actually tells you how long to beat them together: 4 minutes at medium speed. Now you know.
2. When you add the flour mixture to the butter mixture, do it gradually so the flour doesn't explode all over your kitchen.
3. The dough will appear loose and "shaggy," but just press it together using the heat of your hands, wrap it in plastic, and let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour to help the butter and flour intermingle and firm up the dough.
4. Bake the cookie cut-outs just until the edges start to turn golden brown, and cool them thoroughly before decorating.
5. Thin your royal icing mixture until it's just thin enough to drip off the beaters.
6. Use gel food coloring to tint your royal icing: It adds color without adding extra water.

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Watch the video to see it all come together (plus find out the real story behind why Easter includes baskets and egg-bearing bunnies):

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