How to Make Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs

A revolutionary take on deviled eggs.

Want to wow 'em at the 4th of July party? Go all Betsy Ross and bring these colorful deviled eggs dyed with red, white, and blue stripes. We'll share the recipe along with how-to tips to get the best results.

How to Make Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs

Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions: Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs

"These are a great Fourth of July appetizer," says recipe creator Gremolata. "They're a bit fussy to make, but the colorful presentation is so fun, it's worth it. Spicy horseradish gives these deviled eggs a bit of a kick. This recipe scales easily; just be sure to go easy on the salt amount and season to your tastes."

How to make deviled eggs.

How to make all-natural dyes.

Top Tips to Make Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs

dyeing red white and blue deviled eggs
Use toothpicks to suspend the cooked and peeled eggs in the dyes. | Photo by Gremolata.
  1. Gel food coloring will result in a more vivid color, while liquid food coloring will be more pastel.
  2. Be careful not to pierce the eggs too deeply with the toothpicks otherwise they'll break up when you cut them in half.
  3. After dyeing one end of the eggs, blot with a paper towel before flipping it over to dye the other end. This prevents drips of dye from ruining your white stripe in the middle.
  4. To speed up the dyeing, make multiple ramekins, bowls, or mini jars of dye so you can dye several eggs at once rather than one at a time.
red white and blue dyed eggs
Dye one end red and one end blue. | Photo by Gremolata.

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