See this simple technique for slipping the bones free from chicken wings, leaving only the meat in one solid, totally dunkable piece.

By Carl Hanson

Sure, there are other ways to eat a chicken wing. But this is the only way that's pure genius. We're talking about Chef John's simple technique to slip the bones free from "flat" wings, leaving the meat in one solid, totally dunkable piece. Now, this method only works for the flat piece of the chicken wing. Eating the drummette should be fairly self-explanatory. (Hint: hold handle part, eat meaty part, repeat.)

Chennai Chicken Wings
Chennai Chicken Wings | Photo by Chef John

How to Eat a Chicken Wing

1. Pick up a flat chicken wing and find the end with the larger knob of bones.

2. There are two bones that connect there, one skinnier than the other. Find the end of the skinnier of the two bones.

3. Give it a little wiggle and a twist (for technique, watch the video below). Then pull the bone out clean. Note: For best results, be sure to cook the wings to a proper doneness so the bone pulls away easily.

4. Now grab the remaining bone by the knobby end and give it a good twist until it releases. Then it pull it free.

5. Enjoy your completely boneless chicken wing!

Okay, now let's go to the video. Here's Chef John in action, showing off his technique for eating a chicken wing with style and grace:

VIDEO: How to Eat a Chicken Wing

Practice makes perfect, people. You'll need a heaping helping of chicken wings to master this method. Okay, not really; it's a super-simple technique. Still, you'll want Chef John's 11 best chicken wing recipes, featuring everything from basic buffalo wings to spicy PBJ wings, from Garlic-Ginger wings to pastrami chicken wings, and all wings in between.

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