This 'Bread & Breakfast' Suite Is a Carb Lover's Dream Hotel Room, we loaf you for this!

Can you imagine a vacation without carbs? Probably not. What about a trip that's totally all about the carb? Think baguettes, pizzas, chips, and more. And beyond just eating these delicious treats, you could actually live in a space for a night that glorifies your favorite carbohydrate-focused goodies through design and décor. Bread & Breakfast Hotel Room

Well, now you can! is rewarding travelers with the best thing since sliced bread — a "Bread & Breakfast Suite" that is all about delicious carbs. There are baguette lights, pretzel-themed curtains, a pizza alarm clock, and more! There's even a wall that has printed photos of carbs all over it, which is perfect for those Instagram selfies.

Mini Bar

And besides the atmosphere and ambiance of a room filled with carbs, you get to eat carbs, too. (I mean, you of course should!) The experience starts from the moment you check-in. You grab your rom key, get a sweet treat at check-in, and head up to your carb-infused wonderland.

Upon entering the room, you'll find some fresh bakery scents. Yum! Then, there will also be a minibar with a bakery case that will have a bunch of tasty (and free!) pastries. You can also choose breakfast from the cereal bar in the AM or get fresh bagels and/or a donut from the gallery wall — with the extras, like jam, butter, and cream cheese.

You also get a robe to nosh in and keep after leaving — there's the custom "Carbivore" embroidered robe and matching baguette slippers.


Those that book the room can eat their way through all the free in-room elements but also get a $100 credit to spend on room service.

Booking officially opens on Friday January 17, which is also National Ditch Your Resolutions Day (yes, that exists). Located in the Refinery Hotel in New York City, stays are available from January 17 through 31, exclusively on

To book the Bread & Breakfast Suite in New York City, you can visit the site and book at

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