Times turn tough, and Americans turn to hot dogs.
Hot dog
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Hot dogs have always been a go-to staple for summertime barbecues and grilling season. This year, however, prime hot dog-eating months apparently began a tad early — and the all-American food appears to have earned the title of America's newest pandemic food.

Sales of hot dogs have skyrocketed since March, according to numbers from data analytics firm IRI. And since March 15, those sales were up by 123 percent compared to the week before. What's more, they surpassed it, going up by 127 percent in the week ending March 22.

People are looking to trusty dogs to get them through spring and early summer much more this year than in 2019. As for recent news, sales increased by 36 percent in the week that ends May 3, according to that same IRI data, and sales have been 29 percent higher each week since March when the demand for groceries began increasing because of COVID-19 concerns.

Anne-Marie Roerink, the founder of market research firm 210 Analytics, believes it'll stay as popular all summer long.

"There are those instances where mom and dad want something for dinner that kids may not like," Roerink told Business Insider. "As easy, versatile, protein-filled, and kid-friendly solutions, that's where hot dogs come in. They make for a quick lunch with some fruit on the side. Or a beloved dinner for the kids while the parents have sushi."

Indeed, hot dogs are quick to cook, can be made at home or on the grill, and are right in season for warmer weather and summertime barbecuing, and they are easy to keep frozen with a longer shelf life. So, it's great for meal prepping and to keep at home when you can't go to the store as much or dine out. It's easy for feeding kids and can still offer some protein and deliciousness from toppings galore—so it's versatile too!

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