The marshmallow-filled chocolate candies were first released in 2018.

By Kimberly Holland
Updated September 14, 2020
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Hershey's Hot Cocoa Kisses
Credit: Hershey's

Hot Cocoa Kisses were Hershey's first new Kisses flavor in a decade when they showed up on shelves for the 2018 holiday season. (Candy Cane Kisses in 2008 were the last new flavor before these.) Kisses fans were so thrilled by the new release that Hershey's decided they would bring back the chocolate candies back for a third year.

How do Hot Cocoa Kisses differ from classic Kisses, which are chocolate through and through? These holiday treats have a chocolate shell, but in the center, you'll find a rich marshmallow-flavored crème.

What's more, the metallic wrapping is as festive as the flavor. Instead of a solid silver or holiday color, a brown foil is covered with white marshmallow-shaped spots.

This year, Hot Cocoa Kisses are getting a new Kisses colleague: brand-new Sugar Cookie Kisses. Vampire Kisses were also introduced for Halloween.

Start looking for these fan favorites in coming weeks, as supermarkets and drug stores begin moving holiday sweets onto shelves. You can also get alerts from Walmart and Amazon when the candies are back in their shops.