Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs With These 8 Molds

The melting hot chocolate bombs are fun as a DIY treat or easy homemade gift.

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Hot cocoa bombs are all the rage this season. They're fun, whimsical, and a surprise treat when we're seeking comforts in small places. Made from a thin shell of chocolate that easily melts when dropped in hot milk, hot chocolate bombs are candies stuffed with cocoa mix and other goodies (like marshmallows or peppermint pieces) to create an instant cup of everyone's favorite winter beverage. They're available for purchase from some retailers, but you can also make these tasty treats at home.

If you have no molds on-hand, then you can follow our hot chocolate bombs recipe that involves rolling small scoops of the cocoa mixture into balls. Or buy one of the helpful molds below to create your own DIY hot cocoa bombs. You can customize them with your favorite blend of chocolates, cocoa mixes, and toppings to create a unique treat for the holidays or easy homemade gifts.

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How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs


  • Chocolate chips (milk, dark, white, etc.)
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Optional add-ins like mini marshmallows, sprinkles, or toffee pieces


  1. Melt your chocolate chips by microwaving them in a bowl for 30 seconds, stirring, then continuing to heat at 15-second intervals, and stir until the chips are all melted.
  2. Use a spoon to dollop the melted chocolate into your molds, smoothing it around the edges until everything is covered. Set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, or until the chocolate is firm.
  3. Fill your mold three-fourths full with your hot cocoa mix and optional add-ins.
  4. Pour the remaining chocolate over top to seal the "back" of the bombs. Place mold in the fridge until the chocolate sets.
  5. Serve in a mug, pouring hot milk over the bomb and stirring until completely melted.

8 Candy Molds for Hot Chocolate Bombs

Aneco 6-Pack Christmas Molds

Aneco Christmas Molds in red and green

Get into the festive season with these Christmas candy molds. With shapes like stockings, Santa, candy canes, and snowmen, they make excellent gift options.

Trudeau 2-Pack Mermaid Molds

Trudeau Mermaid Molds in blue

These mermaid tail-shaped molds are perfect for using colorful coating options, like purple or blue Wilton Candy Melts, to create a sea-worthy beverage.

Celebrate It Cat Mold

Orange Cat Mini Silicone Mold

Share your crazy cat lady title with pride by whipping up a batch of cocoa bombs in these small cat molds. Use a range of shades like milk, dark, white, or butterscotch chips to recreate your own cats in cocoa form.

Trudeau 2-Pack Heart Molds

Trudeau Heart Molds in red

Just right for sharing with your sweetheart, these simple heart-shaped molds can be used year-round for cocoa bombs and would be great as a Valentine's Day gift or treat.

Christmas Lights Mold

Christmas Light Molds in pink
ShapemCom / Etsy

Recreate your Christmas tree's twinkling lights with this bulb-shaped mold. To make it fully round like a real lightbulb, take two molded pieces of chocolate and seal them together by applying a little heat around the edges.

Celebrate It Leaves Mold

Leaves Silicone Candy Mold in blue

Celebrate the changing seasons with these leaf-themed molds. If you want to get into even more of an autumn mood, add a dash of pumpkin spice mix to your cocoa filling.

The Kosher Cook Frog Mold

Frog Chocolate Mold in green

Chocolate frogs are a staple in the Harry Potter universe, so make your own bomb versions at home with this helpful mold. Perfect for sipping on during a movie marathon or late-night reading session.

Celebrate It Unicorn Mold

Unicorn Silicone Mold in blue

Nothing is quite as whimsical as unicorns, and these molds are sure to add a bit of fun to your next hot cocoa batch. Use white chocolate or a mix of pink and purple for extra pizzaz.

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