Get the neighborhood together for a fun and friendly Easter egg hunt party. We have ideas for games and activities that will keep the party hopping.
Easter Egg Hunt | Photo by Meredith

Want to get the neighborhood kids together for a fun and friendly Easter egg hunt? We have ideas for games and activities that will keep the party hopping, plus easy party recipes to feed a hungry herd.

Fun Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunting Party

Gather the Easter Baskets

Before the hunt can begin, all the little bunnies will need a way to hold their treasures. You could provide inexpensive baskets, pails, or bags that they could help decorate. Or, if you have the time, you can make adorable homemade Easter baskets. Try these easy Easter basket ideas at Better Homes & Gardens.

Easter Egg Basket Ideas | Photo by Meredith

Ideas for Easter Basket Decorating Supplies

  • Paper "grass" to nest the eggs and goodies they'll gather.
  • Ribbons to wrap the handles.
  • Paper flowers, birds, and butterflies to embellish the baskets.
  • Colorful name tags to tie onto the handles to avoid mix-ups.

How to Host a Terrific Easter Egg Hunt

Before guests arrive, hide eggs in both easy and difficult places to keep kids challenged. Make sure you clearly designate the hunt area so no one wanders out of bounds. If children of all ages are participating, it's a great idea to set aside an easy area for the littlest ones so they don't get run over by the big kids. Be sure to check the weather forecast if you plan an outdoor hunt, and have a back-up plan if it rains.

  • Place construction paper "paw prints" at the entrance of your home or garden, and invite kids to follow the Easter Bunny to where the hunt begins.
  • Award special prizes for finding eggs rolled in glitter or marked by special stickers.
  • Limit the number of eggs each child can find so no child gets left out.
  • Hide clues in hollow plastic eggs for a treasure hunt.

Easter Party Games

Keep the kids focused and engaged with a few easy games.

  • Egg Relay Race. Divide the kids into teams. Kids carry eggs on spoons or (more difficult) forks, and the first team to finish is the winner.
  • Bunny Hop Sack Race. Use old pillowcases for an old-fashioned sack race.
  • Pin the Tail on the Bunny. Tack up a drawing of Peter Rabbit and use cotton balls with double-stick tape for tails.

More Ideas for Easter Egg Hunt Activities

  • Let kids decorate their own "basket" desserts to bring home: spread icing on sugar cookies or cupcakes; sprinkle with green tinted coconut for grass, and top with jellybean "eggs."
  • Face-painting. Use non-toxic colors found at your local craft or costume store to draw bunny noses and whiskers, flowers, and butterflies.
  • Consider treats beside sweets. Art supplies, kid-sized gardening tools and seeds, or cool bath things (don't forget the rubber ducky) make fun surprises.

Feed the Flock

This is your chance to crank up the cuteness and set out loads of Easter-themed treats. But all those hungry little hunters are going to need something to munch on besides candy. Simple refreshments like sandwiches and fruit are the perfect thing for a sunny afternoon. And don't forget the deviled eggs.

Easter Deviled Eggs | Photo by lutzflcat

To be extra-festive, make thin sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or egg salad, and then use cookie cutters to cut them into cute shapes like bunnies, lambs, chicks, and eggs.

More Ideas for Easter Party Food

Lemon Bar Peeps
Lemon Bar Peeps | Photo by Stasty Cook

Decorating Easter Eggs

Dyeing and decorating Easter eggs is a creative activity all of your guests can enjoy. Cover a table with paper and set out hard-boiled eggs, dyes, bowls, and strainers. Even the youngest kids can glue on simple embellishments like stickers and tissue paper petals. Be sure to protect clothing with old shirts or aprons.

Supplies for Easter Egg Making
Supplies for Easter Egg Making | Photo by Meredith

Easter Egg Ideas

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