Is 2020 the year of the llama?
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If you are a fan of the delicious sweets and unique, colorful inventions that snack cakes brand Hostess bakes up, then get ready for an exciting new cupcake that's set to hit grocery stores today, February 12.

The new Hostess Llama CupCakes feature a purple lavender-flavored frosting (that's different!) with the signature Hostess CupCake swirl in a bright yellow. Each cupcake is filled with a white cream frosting and decorated with rainbow sprinkles and pink confetti baked into the vanilla cake. The limited-edition cupcakes are given the “llama” descriptor since they are festive and look like the party llama that's shown on the package. These new CupCakes also follow in the footsteps of several other fun introductions, such as Peanut Butter and Pickle Twinkies and Mint-Chocolate Twinkies.

But we think this new CupCakes confection may be letting us know what the future of flavors will be for snacks and baked goods. Where unicorn and mermaid have been the trendy food "flavor" in recent years — Hostess even released a Unicorn CupCake last year — llama may be signaling a shift. It's still plenty colorful, and you can certainly find all kinds of llama-themed party paper goods if you wanted to make llamas the theme for a birthday party. It also invites lots of creativity. So will llamas in party hats replace mermaids with shells? We shall see.

These new limited edition Llama CupCakes will be available exclusively at Walmart in eight-count boxes for just $3 through the end of April 2020, so there's lots of time to try them out or make them a regular treat.

And beyond these purple-topped cakes, you can also enjoy other new Hostess products, too, like the Hostess Mint Chocolate CupCakes ($3;, which are also limited edition as a Shamrock CupCake set for St. Patty's day. It's a chocolate cake with minty icing and flavors, a mint flavored filling, and the iconic swirl.

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