Who wants a Honey Bun latte?
Hostess Snack Cake Lattes
Credit: Trilliant Food & Nutrition

Coffee is meant to give you a caffeine boost, but when it tastes like a beloved Hostess snack cake, it can bring about both a jolt and some added deliciousness to your caffeine buzz.

And Hostess knows how much you want to taste some cake in that brew, and so they are releasing ready-to-drink flavored iced lattes that will come in a few iconic flavors, like Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Bun, and Sno Balls.

"Whether one’s 2pm-slump antidote is a sweet snack or a coffee run, they no longer need to choose," says Chad Lusk, chief marketing officer for Hostess Brands.

As for what they taste like, they're all super indulgent and creamy. The Twinkies Iced Latte features the amazing taste of classic yellow sponge cake with some creaminess for texture; the Honey Bun Iced Latte has some sweet honey with flavors of glazed icing; the Ding Dongs Iced Latte is for chocolate fans, as it is a mixture of chocolate flavors and vanilla; and lastly, the Sno Balls Iced Latte is a twist between chocolate cake and coconut flakes.

Obviously, all are super delicious, and we cannot wait to try them! They currently sell for $2 per 13.7-ounce bottle at select stores in the Northeast region, but they will roll out and hit stores nationwide soon.