Get the limited-edition flavor before it's gone.

The equinox has come and gone, which means warmer weather, pastels, and picnics are almost here. After everything the past 12 months have thrown at us, I'd say that we all deserve to spend a little time outside savoring in some springtime sweetness. 

One of the best ways to do that might involve a little help from a limited-edition Key Lime flavor of Hostess Cupcakes. Combining pastel green-frosted yellow cake with a creme filling meant to mimic the sweet yet appealingly tart taste of that classic pie. There's no meringue involved here, so think of this as a mass-market riff on the more minimalistic version of the key lime pie. 

The revelation of Key Lime Cupcakes serves as further evidence that key lime might be having a moment. Earlier in March, key lime-flavored Kit Kats became available, so clearly all of the snack brands out there are colluding to make 2021 the year of the great key lime takeover. 

hostess key lime cupcakes on orange background
Credit: Hostess

On the Hostess front, Key Lime is only one component of their limited-edition flavor strategy. This summer, they're also dropping some Sundae CupCakes, which starts with chocolate cake before adding on ice-cream themed icing and a dash of rainbow sprinkles on top.

Given that ice cream often ends up on top of pie, I think a reasonable person has no choice but to grab both of these limited edition flavors before they're gone. Of course a chocolate sundae and key lime pie may not exactly have the makings of a perfect dessert pairing, but you won't know until you give it a try. At the very least, turning your picnic into a dessert buffet adorned with an array of limited-edition CupCakes seems like a good way to welcome the season.