May 06, 2019
Twinkies-Flavored Coffee
Photo by Blain's Farm & Fleet

We're not sure how to feel about this one.

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Hostess, for some reason, just released a bunch of dessert-flavored single-serve coffee pods. If you so desire, you can now experience the flavors of a cream-filled Twinkie in your morning cup of joe.

If you're not into Twinkies, don't despair! You can also get coffee that tastes like Ding Dongs, Honeybuns, and even Sno-Balls.

According to Delish, these have been rumored for a while—but Instagrammer @junkfoodmom confirmed the news this week.

"Nope—these are not photoshopped," she captioned a photo of the boxes. "New Hostess snack cake-inspired coffees. Why yes I'd like a Twinkie in my coffee. I imagine these will just taste like coconut, chocolate, and cinnamon coffee but the Twinkie flavor has me all. Found and ordered online."

We're not sure when they'll hit stores, but you can order the coffee online right now from Blain's Farm and Fleet for $4.99 per 12-count box.

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