What wouldn't YouTuber Emmymade eat? Listen to this week's podcast to find out!

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If one word sums up Emmy Cho, aka Emmymade, it’s curious. The host of YouTube's Emmymade in Japan can't resist unfamiliar food. If it's part of a tradition or culture, she'll taste it. She's fascinated with the stories, histories, and rituals behind a dish — not to mention, how to make it, how its elements work together, and how it tastes. Listen to Homemade on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are available.

Emmymade's curious, can-do nature has led her to recreate foamy Japanese candy, pine rosin potatoes, chicken cooked in mud, and more. To be sure, she's not one to overlook simple recipes. But whereas other cooks might whip up lemon icebox pie because of its five-minute prep time, she tells us she's drawn to it for other reasons.

Emmymade connects with Homemade host Martie Duncan to recount the cooking shows she devoured as a kid, what she cooks for her own kids, and the kitchen appliance she hasn't moved without. She also dishes on finding accidental fame and how viewers inspire her videos.

Recipes and Foods In This Episode

About Emmymade

Emmy Cho launched her YouTube channel in 2011 while she and her husband taught English in Japan. Emmymade in Japan began as an after-work outlet wherein she tasted candies from Japan. As Emmymade gained viewers from the world over, she added their favorite sweets to her lineup. Her channel (and its name) returned to the U.S. with her. Today, this self-taught cook has gained a fanbase of almost two million subscribers who seem as receptive as she is when it comes to learning about food. She and her family now reside in Rhode Island.

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