His recipes and videos abound on Allrecipes. But how well do you know the chef behind the camera?

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If you don’t recognize the name John Mitzewich, you may recognize his voice, his hands, or his moniker: Chef John. Mitzewich became a YouTube sensation in the 2000s when the video platform began promoting his recipe how-tos on its homepage. Cooking videos like his weren’t common at the time, though videos that resembled audition reels were. But Mitzewich didn’t concern himself with finding fame. He focused on teaching. He focused on food. Without a wireless mike or lighting, he had no other choice, he tells us. But what he lacked in video equipment he made up for in his knack for teaching and cheeky humor. And long after YouTube monetized his online channel, he has stuck to his no-fuss approach of recipe videos.

In this episode of Homemade, Chef John talks with Martie Duncan about growing up in western New York, making cabbage rolls and perfect barbecued chicken, and the ingredient that inspired a drinking game. Listen here, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere podcasts are available.

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About Chef John Mitzewich

A culinary school graduate, Chef John Mitzewich cooked in San Francisco restaurants for almost a decade. He went on to teach at the California Culinary Academy for five years. As cooking classes grew and students began to watch their instructors on TVs from inside the same room, Mitzewich decided to leave the school for a new venture: YouTube. Before long, he became a YouTube content partner. His subscribers grew from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Now, his Food Wishes channel boasts 3.5 million subscribers and even more viewers.

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