We've tempted you with recipes for your own copycat versions of Starbucks baked goods. We've enlightened you with DIY takes on their summer cold brew ice cream drinks. Now, it's time to unveil a new money-saving recipe for the latest gotta-have pastry case item at the ubiquitous chain: Starbucks' All The Trimmings Breakfast Sandwich.

At first, the ingredients for this new sandwich, which is currently only available in Seattle, Florida, and select California stores, might sound overwhelming: Maple-glazed holiday ham piled high atop a pork and apple sausage patty accented with apple-sage stuffing and more maple glaze (what appears to be a thick maple syrup) on a buttery bun.

My first thought: If this is a breakfast sandwich, where is the egg? (We're guessing it's missing because they have so many other eggy offerings--nine at last count--they wanted to do something different.) My second: Why do I need two types of animal protein?

But, that was before my husband came home after eating the sandwich and claiming it was officially the best part of his Orange Theory workout--well, post-workout. Instead of letting him spend $4.95 three days a week, I decided to give it a shot and re-create the breakfast sandwich. And I'm pretty impressed with my results.

our diy take on the starbucks all the trimmings breakfast sandwich

Our DIY Take on Starbucks' Delicious "All the Trimmings" Breakfast Sandwich

Because my family loves stuffing so much, we made an extra batch on Thanksgiving to freeze and graze on throughout the holiday season. If yours is all gone, choose from among dozens of easy apple stuffing recipes on Allrecipes, including the Awesome Apple, Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing. Give it a fine chop and heat it in the microwave. Schmear a thin layer onto a buttery bun of your choice (I went brioche; Starbucks uses a simple buttery biscuit) and drizzle with maple syrup.

I didn't want to double down on pork, so instead of pork sausage I used Applegate Naturals Chicken & Maple Breakfast Sausage Patties, but next time I think I'll make it using the real, homemade deal, like this recipe for sweet and savory Maple Breakfast Sausage, which gets its flavor from fennel, anise, and chopped fresh sage leaves. Finally, add a slice or two of your favorite glazed ham, like True Story All-Natural Uncured Wildflower Honey & Maple Ham, available at Costco. Leftovers from this smoky Glazed Ham would also be sensational.

Lastly, if you want ultimate breakfast sammie perfection, go ahead and top the sandwich with a fried egg. My hubs can vouch for how good it is.