Oh, look. Another glorious Disney World confectionery!

If you love the classic Disney Halloween movie Hocus Pocus (and watch it every year, like we do), then you will be thrilled for Disney World's newest fun and festive treat: a Hocus Pocus themed cupcake. Knowing the Sanderson Sisters, it's going to be pretty wild.

Disney World Hocus Pocus Amuck Cupcake
Photo: Jackie Robinson

Called the Amuck, Amuck, Amuck cupcake, this beautiful baked good is decorated with orange and black decorations and flavored candies. There are chocolate candy bits, hard toffee, peanut butter chips, and a super decadent caramel sauce for that creamy, gooey feel.

The cupcake itself resembles the cauldron from the movie. There are orange flames and handles along the sides and a green liquid from one of Winifred's spells is coming out, proof that the three witches have been up to some spell-casting no-good.

The main event, however, is a chocolate piece that sits atop the cauldron of frosting. It features a cartoon design of the Sanderson Sisters—Winifred is holding her magical spellbook with sister Sarah and Mary beside her. They're all standing in front of Cinderella's castle, so beware of some witchcraft in the Magical Kingdom.

You can snag this cupcake at Disney World through Halloween. Find it at Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom for $8 a cupcake.

And if you do get your hands on one, be sure to post some Instagram-worthy shots and make all your friends quite jealous. (Perhaps even as jealous as Billy Butcherson made Winifred — and look where he ended up!)