The beloved ranch brand is branching out to claim your sauce allegiance on other foods.
Three bottles of Hidden Valley's secret sauces side by side
Credit: Hidden Valley

People often think Ranch goes great on everything — and it does. Pizza, chips, veggie sticks, cheese balls, burgers, fries, there's very little that ranch doesn't make better. But even the most ranch-obsessed person may find themselves reaching for other sauces from time to time, something with a bit more heat or bite.

Enter Hidden Valley's just-announced "Secret Sauce," which are all-new sauces designed to incorporate several new flavors into their classic ranch.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce comes in three flavors — Original, Spicy, and Smokehouse. They're designed for all your favorite foods, from a spread on burgers, a drizzle over tacos, to a dip for fries or a topper for hot dogs.

The Original packs tangy, garlicky buttermilk magic. Spicy has some zest and heat, plus that unmistakable creamy flavor of ranch to keep the heat from being too hot. Lastly, Smokehouse features smoked buttermilk and herbs that transform any food into a savory, barbecue-inspired dish.

The three varieties of Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce come in an easy squeeze, 12-ounce bottle so it's great for limiting a mess while you prepare your favorite eats, and it's right where you'd expect in the stores. Just browse the salad dressing aisle at grocers nationwide, and you can snag one for $3.49.

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