Hershey's Knows What Americans Want on Valentine's Day: More Reese's

Ask and you shall receive.

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It's become glaringly obvious to me in recent weeks that Americans are singularly obsessed with peanut butter and chocolate. Well, maybe not singularly; plenty of other countries like the combo. It's just that no one seems to like it as much as those of us under the Stars and Stripes.

As I've been making my way through all the seasons of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix, I've been pleasantly surprised by all the combinations of flavors I'd never see stateside (cardamom and black pepper, for example) — and then more surprised by ones I haven't, namely peanut butter and chocolate.

Sure, there have been a few daring contestants to work in peanut butter here and there, but if this contest were held in the U.S., I feel certain peanut butter would be involved in nearly every bake.

Americans have a bold and impassioned relationship with peanut butter. There's barely a thing that won't be peanut buttered, or peanut bettered, if you will. Which is why when you look at Hershey's Valentine's Day lineup for 2022, you won't be surprised that the Pennsylvania-based candy maker is aiming arrows straight at the heart of the peanut butter-chocolate fans across the country.

That's right, many of the new introductions from Hershey's this Saint Valentine's Day are focused around the brand's peanut butter sweetheart: Reese's.

First up (and my favorite of all the new additions), new Reese's Blossom-top Miniature Cups, which are the signature mini peanut butter cups but with a sweet pink top. The candies are also wrapped in striking floral foils, which makes them so beautiful in a candy dish. But with the pink tops, we think they're destined to be decorations on this year's Valentine's Day desserts.

Reese’s Blossom-top Miniature Cups
Courtesy of Hershey's

The peanut butter-chocolate goodness doesn't stop there. This year, you'll also find the Reese's White Creme Hearts in more giftable packs, including a 7.2-ounce 6-pack and 2.4-ounce King Size. They're also packaging up a few other Reese's hearts to make great gifts (or to put in your drawer for a difficult afternoon).

Reese’s White Creme Hearts (7.2oz)
Courtesy of Hershey's

If you happen to find yourself on the small island of people who do not enjoy the PBC combo, good news: Hershey's didn't forget about you in their Valentine's Day lineup. Two new products may just be what you or your sweetheart need.

The Hershey's Pink Cookies 'N' Creme Hearts are quite darling with their white creme heart candy and pink speckled cookie pieces. You can obviously eat these straight from the bag, but how sweet would they be atop a cupcake or around the edge of a sheet cake?

Hersheys Pink Cookies N Creme Hearts
Courtesy of Hershey's

And lastly, for those of us who think of Valentine's Day as a chance to send love to our friends instead of a significant other, Hershey's has the perfect gift for you to give: Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolates BFF Gift Box. Each 10-ounce box is filled with classic Kisses, and stacked side by side, they reveal a very sweet message.

Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates BFF Gift Box
Courtesy of Hershey's

Back this year will be the Hershey's Kisses Meltaway Roses with their gorgeous scarlet foils and tender centers that positively melt into a luscious river of chocolate (as the name suggests they're wont to do).

"Our Valentine's Day products — from new Reese's Blossom-top Miniature Cups to our returning Hershey's Kisses Meltaway Roses — are helping to make each moment, big or small, that much more special, no matter how you're celebrating the season of love," says Nathan Stebbins, Hershey's associate brand manager of Valentine's season at Hershey's. "Love birds and families alike will all have something to choose from!"

Look for these goodies in store now. Many rolled out the moment the holiday candy was gone, but others will be coming in the final weeks before V-day.

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