Easter is on April 16th this year, so that means we only have about a month—give or take, depending on how long stores can keep them in stock—to enjoy the return of our favorite cake-flavored Hershey's Kisses. Here's a hint: they are likely the only candy on Earth that involves a vegetable, but at the same time, doesn't at all.


Yup, carrot cake flavored kisses are back and they make for an awfully delicious smack-a-roo. Though, word has it that they actually taste more like carrot cake icing than the actual cake. Not that we're complaining. We might just need to do a little research, is all.

You can find 9 oz. bags at Target for around $4, and whether or not you stock up on "supplies" really depends on what your rationing game is like. Anyone with a serious sweet tooth should exercise caution. Either way, good luck out there!