March 11, 2019

The fruit with a cult-like following is in stores early this year. Here's where you have to go to find them.

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If you haven't already heard of cotton candy grapes, you're seriously missing out on one (naturally) sweet treat. Their name needs little explanation: grapes that taste like cotton candy. They're the hybrid of carnival sweets and healthy fresh fruit we never knew we needed.

They also tend to be an end-of-summer treat. Cotton candy grapes normally hit the grocery stores for just a few weeks mid-August to mid-September. However, some fans of the cross-bred grapes were thrilled to find them in stores this week.

According to a Trader Joe's fan Instagram account (yes, that is a thing), cotton candy grapes were spotted recently in a Trader Joe's in Plantation, Florida. As if we needed another reason to love Trader Joe's.

This is the first sighting of the coveted grapes we've seen this year. There's no word on Trader Joe's website or from the grape's grower, Flavor Grown, on why they're out so early. Despite the confusion, we're definitely not complaining.

So far we have not seen any other Trader Joe's locations carrying the grapes this early in the season. Devout fans of the cotton candy grapes will have to head to Florida to get their fix—if they're not sold out by the time you get there.

Another popular grape harvester, Grapery, says their cotton candy grapes are on-track to arrive in August. In addition to cotton candy grapes, Grapery also makes gum drop grapes, moon drop grapes, flavor pop grapes, and more.

Whether or not we can find the cotton candy grapes locally, one thing is for certain. This is a sure-sign that spring and summer are right around the corner. We can't wait for the flavors of the season to begin!

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