By Vanessa Greaves

Every tomato grower faces this dilemma eventually—what to do with the tomatoes that are still hard and green at the end of the growing season. But instead of tossing them out with the garden waste, use them up in these top-rated recipes that call specifically for the firm texture and tart flavor that green tomatoes bring to the mix. You'll never again feel regret that you had too many tomatoes and not enough summer.

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What to do with your unripe green tomatoes:

1. Green Tomato Relish

"Yesterday I removed my vegetable plants and had loads of green tomatoes. I decided to look for a way to use them and chose this recipe. Wow! Delicious!" — JILL M.

The recipe includes instructions for canning, but if you've never canned before or want to brush up on your skills, here's a how-to on water-bath canning.

Photo by Aseret

2. Perfect Fried Green Tomatoes

"I have been making fried green tomatoes for over 35 years, taught by my grandmother who is from down south. Over the years I have tried and made fried green tomato recipes and this is the one that is perfect. Cajun ranch sauce goes perfect with this crispy on the outside but smooth and creamy on the inside tomato." — Crystal Bodyroc McGlown

3. Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

"My favorite way to eat fried green tomatoes! They're layered with red tomatoes and pepper Jack cheese between 2 slices of bread, and then grilled to ooey-gooey, cheesy, crunchy perfection." — JUMAHA

Photo by gnomeygoose

4. Mediterranean Lamb Burgers

No need to fry these green tomato slices. Just layer them up on crusty ciabatta bread with lamb patties, feta cheese, and a lemon/garlic yogurt sauce. Home cook BusySpoons says, "These lamb burgers are the perfect combination of easy-with-wow factor and great for a group."

Photo by Michaelc

5. Fried Green Tomato Parmesan

Thick slices of green tomato take over for eggplant in this hearty autumn dinner.

Home cook tina says, "I made this last night for dinner because it's fall in Seattle and I had some green tomatoes from off the vine. I used corn meal with bread crumbs and flour first then pan fried to make sure they were crispy. Then layered all and baked. Used more parm cheese than told on top and served over thin spaghetti with chicken on the side and it was AWESOME !!"

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

6. Mexina Salsa Verde

Even after summer cools down, this recipe brings the heat. Green tomatoes get simmered with jalapeno chilis, onion, lime juice, and cilantro to make a salsa you'll want on everything.

Home cook MBKRH says, "Wow, boiling the tomatoes and jalapenos really brings out the flavor! I can't believe how good this tastes."

Photo by Meredith

7. Green Tomato and Bacon Soup

Sound odd to you? Home cook sleighbells took a chance on it and says, "First time making soup with green tomatoes...followed directions as whole family loved it"

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

8. Green Tomato Pie

No, really. Everyone's going to think it's apple pie. Home cook carymolyneux raves, "This was absolutely stunning. I would never imagined that green tomatoes could taste like this. Next time I will use a little less nutmeg, maybe half, but other than that, it was an incredible pie. My guests will never guess that it could come from green tomatoes. This will become a fall tradition in our home."

Photo by Meredith

9. Green Tomato Bread

This 5-star recipe proves that zucchini's not the only garden veg you can bake into bread. And just like with any quick bread recipe, you can easy turn it into muffins. "This was so good. I did one loaf, and a bunch of muffins, I cooked the muffins for 26 minutes," says Sally Sinn.

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