If there's ever a doubt that we eat with our eyes, all you need to do is take a spin through our Pinterest page. Here are some of our recent greatest hits, sure to make your mouth water and your finger hit "Pin It".

1) Wedge Salad on A Stick

This easy-to-eat version of the classic iceberg salad looks so tempting when arranged on a party platter. No wonder they're often tapped by clever home entertainers.

2) Grilled Baked Potatoes

A mashup of two preparations, this spud side dish with the golden brown finish will have you dreaming about firing up the grill. They're a big win alongside sizzling steaks and chops.

3) Roasted Garlic Tzatziki

A cool cuke dip gets a robust update as the bold flavor of the caramelized allium infuses a layer of depth usually reserved for roasted lamb. Which is a perfect partner for this revamped Greek classic. Please pass the pita!

4) Lola's Horchata

Don't you love that this cinammon-y rice drink has gone from obscure to everywhere? Especially appreciated on Taco Tuesdays, when the cooling sweetness is a genius way to turn down the heat.

5) Chicken Wonton Tacos

So adorbs! These crave-able appetizers are a copycat take-off of a way popular dish at Applebee's. If only all East-meets-West fusion looked so good.

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