By Isadora Baum

Please pass the fries.

Ketchup is one of the best condiments for roasted potatoes, charred hot dogs, and delicious burgers, hands down. However, getting that darn ketchup out of the bottle can be a struggle — so much so you might toss the bottle back in the fridge out of frustration without getting the goods.

But after 150 years of understanding people's complaints, Heinz Ketchup has finally created a new bottle to ease frustrations.

Called the Pour-Perfect, this bottle design helps you tilt the bottle perfectly to release that tasty tomato paste in one fluid motion. What makes it different is the label that's on all catawampus. When you tilt the ketchup bottle and make the label straight, you get that sweet, sweet pour you've been looking for.

Heinz considers this to be the "perfect pouring angle," the point at which you get a good flow of sauce to flavor your crispy, salty fries, but the ketchup won't pour out so quickly you drown them in liquid, thereby masking all that potato yumminess with a pool of tomato.

The sad catch? The bottle is currently offered in Canada only, so unless you decide to take a trip up north to stock up, you'll need to wait for it to venture to the States. Yet, judging by ketchup fans' excitement, it's bound to take off and go mainstream in the future.

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