Before you send your little ghouls and witches out the door on Halloween night, give them a hearty dinner that's too spooky to resist. These Halloween dinner ideas have all been mom tested and kid-approved and are the perfect fuel for a busy night of trick-or-treating.

Rave Review: "For kids (including the hubby) who are cold and ready to eat after trick-or-treating, this was "AWESOME"... My kids thought I was pretty cool for making it :) Good mom moment." -- Goodmaker

Bats and Cobwebs
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Rave Review: "I made this meatloaf for supper on Halloween, and it was a big hit with my family. It has a nice flavor and great texture." -- Maryland Mama

Rave Review: "This was so cute! I baked this with my sister on Halloween for something to eat before taking our kids trick-or-treating. We used refrigerated biscuit dough to make it quicker. It was fun!" -- MessyMama

Spooky Calzone Snake
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Rave Review: "My kids loved it! The only thing I changed was that I added pureed spinach to the meat mixture in order to sneak vegetables into my kids (the red sauce hid it well). " -- busymom2three

Halloween Bloody Baked Rats
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Rave Review: "Every year we have guests for dinner, then onto trick-or-treating with lots of kids and parents! This is a great festive meal for everyone. A little freshly shredded Parmesan cheese adds something extra." -- kelleywatt

Rave Review: "This pasta can be eaten any time but is best for Halloween. Very tasty and no need for sauce." -- JessieD

Halloween Pasta
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Rave Review: "Perfect! The kids on the block love these, thanks for sharing." -- Alynxia

Rave Review: "This is a family tradition on Halloween night! The first year I made it with beef the second with chicken. Both were fantastic! This year I'll make it with chicken again and put more spices in it too. I'll then add cheese on top for the last ten minutes of oven time! My family loves it! " -- Ashley Truthe

Rave Review: "We really enjoyed making this recipe! So much easier and cleaner than carving pumpkins...The cups were very hearty! I was surprised at how full I was. -- Goerlie23

Rave Review: "I love this recipe. I served them on Pumpkin sandwich rolls with jack-o'-lantern faces for a great Halloween-themed dinner." -- Gremolata

Homemade Slopy Joes
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Rave Review: "I love, love, love this pizza! I made a Halloween version of this pizza by cutting the butternut squash into jack o' latern shapes, and adding black olive 'spiders!' Perfect as written, I've also added mushrooms, olives, celery, spinach, and peas with great results. I always make the crust using the Master Pizza Dough recipe

Butternut Squash Pizzas with Rosemary
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